Things We Do

We introduce “cutting-edge technology of habitat formation and production” to the agricultural field in Japan and establish a system for efficiently producing, distributing, and promoting safe and delicious agricultural products. Naturally, we supply “high-value added products” that satisfy the demand for gourmet foods and the close attention to food safety in recent years.
We also make a contribution to the local society by overcoming various challenges in the agricultural business and establishment of an ideal work environment for aged and/or disabled people.  Please visit "SAND FARM FUKAYA" in Saitama prefecture and see our first attemp to practice an new approach to the primary sector of industry. 


We produce “delicious”, “reasonable”, and “safe” foodstuffs and menus as well as a “cozy space for dining.”

- Production and wholesaling/retailing of various foods
  (restaurant food, home meals, and meals for hospitals and nursing homes)
- Development of restaurants and take-out shops
- Support for establishment and operation of restaurant franchisers


The life cycle of businesses, business entities, and merchandise is getting shorter as markets are rapidly becoming borderless because of the increasing penetration of e-commerce. Many business owners are racking their brains with regard to “Concentration on Core Competence” due to the reality that it is extremely difficult for a single business model to maintain long-term commercial value while new distribution channels and C-to-C businesses continue to expand.

We work together with the business owners experiencing such struggles and help them to build a new business model that incorporates multiple high-synergy effects and achieves efficiencies through improvements that are “as painless as possible”. Not only as a consultant or an outsourcer to providing comprehensive business support from planning to management, but also as an equity partner promoting business together, we will support the development of your business in a highly cost-effective manner by partnering with a number of associates having extensive experience and a proven track record in various fields.

When you are considering a new business plan, reinforcement of your management base, strategic development, and globalization of your business, please utilize our broad network and practical know-how.

- Support for launching a new business, IPO, MBO, funding, and forging alliances
- Support for strategic marketing and sales
- Support for improvement of personnel systems and office administration
- Support for achieving more efficient logistics (network, field environment, speed, and cost)
- Support for coordination of 3PL and system development
  (ordering, inventory management, and EC, etc.)
- Support for logistics cost reduction
  (mass transport, courier service, express document delivery, and postal service, etc.)
- Support for franchising
- Support for formulating a business continuity plan (BCP)
- Support for reducing non-life insurance premiums
- Support for development of a personnel system
   and formulation of employment regulations & personnel rules
- Preparation of contracts, manuals, and rules (Japanese/English)
- Support for addressing J-SOX requirements
- Support for receiving privacy and ISO certification
- Website creation
- Commercial design and devising sales promotion materials
- Organizing business training sessions, seminars, lectures, and coaching

Eコマースの普及により市場のボーダレス化が急速に進む中、事業・事業体・商品のライフサイクルは益々短くなりつつあります。新たな流通経路やC to Cの商流が拡がりを見せる一方で、単一のビジネスモデルが長期にわたり商品価値を維持し続けることが極めて難しい現実に、多くの事業主様が生き残りを掛けて「選択と集中」に腐心されています。



We support the activities of artists who have a distinctive sensibility and professional skills. In order to ensure that talented artists become widely known, we assist with efficient promotion through every possible media outlet and channel.

Our production department plans carefully to please the artist, clients, and customers for win-win-win outcomes, providing quality products that can be enjoyed by many people through making the most of our broad network within and outside the industry and by using unconventional schemes and approaches.

- Operation of record labels, including "LYDIAN MUSIC"
- Music publishing and copyright management (commissioned JASRAC)
- Management and booking of musicians, announcers, MCs, and voice actors, etc.
- Production of soundtracks for various forms of advertising
- Editing and publishing of musical scores and music practice books
- Planning and management of various events




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 <設   立> 2004年6月
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